September 2018 update

Thank you to all of your interest and support over the past few months! Its been a busy start to the autumn with exciting new developments for our project. Debbie Cooke joined the GH team in September and we have been busy getting quotes for clearing the land and getting our water mains extension and electricity for our central hub. We have had plans drawn up for our Yurt platforms and accessibility cabin- they look amazing and will share with everyone what they look like once we refine our plans and decide on the final plan!

I have learned more than I ever thought about compostable loos. Who knew there was so much science behind human waste!

We hope to start our fundraising campaign soon, so please watch this space and share with all of your friends, families, co-workers and anyone else who might be interested in our project! We gotta speed the Ginger Huts message and get the local community believing in what we do!

Emily and Debbie

Thanks to everyone who came and gave their feedback on the site!
Summer camping trial at Gosden.

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